Sunday, March 29, 2009

MILK memorabilia

Levi Strauss & Co. denim jacket and jeans worn by Sean Penn, along with an official MILK poster, two 8x10 photos (by Biron) of Penn wearing the outfit, original prop business cards, original prop buttons, and the original prop postcard handed to Penn before his speech to the crowd: Sold on eBay on March 27 for $1,158.00. (Actor sold separately.)

Unfortunately, all items were dry cleaned before the auction (or the winning bid would certainly have been higher). In any case, the proceeds went to support the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

One small step for NLGJA. One giant leap for homobilia.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stowitts as The Satyr

Rare photo of Hubert Stowitts as the nearly nude satyr in Rex Ingram's silent film, The Magician (Metro, 1926). Stowitts was an athlete, dancer and artist whose extraordinary story is told by his biographer, Anne Holliday for Queer Arts Resource.

Anna Pavlova discovered Stowitts dancing at the Greek Theater in Berkeley in the summer of 1915 and invited him to join her ballet company. He became a star in his own right, appearing in London, Stockholm, Madrid and New York. In Paris Stowitts starred in the 1924 Folies-Bergère with dazzling costumes by Erté.

Few dancers have the courage to retire in their prime, especially when "trained down to racehorse shape," as Stowitts described himself. Even fewer have the courage at age 33 to launch themselves in an entirely new career as a painter (his studio was on Montmartre's Avenue de Clichy).

In 1926 Stowitts made his first film, "The Magician", for Metro Studios. With earnings from this venture he was able to underwrite an odyssey to the East where he lived and painted in Indonesia and India.

For more about Stowitts (and there's LOTS more to tell) check out The Stowitts Museum and Library

Sunday, March 08, 2009

6 Men in a Bed

You gotta love this photo. OK, the six men are technically in four beds, but they've been pushed together to form a single unit. And the guys are crammed together too (except for the judgemental one with the glasses: he doesn't share).

The photo (sold recently on eBay) is from Finland which may explain why the guys look so very white. It's a great shot but what is really weird is the apparition in front of the window on the right. What the hell is that?