Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don & Tony's 10 Anniversary Celebration, May 11, 1980

A limited edition poster by Neon Cactus in Santa Monica documents the highlights in their relationship: parties, travel, campaigns, family, friends, protests, celebrations, blowjobs, etc.

From a handwritten note (Don to Tony) on their 1st anniversary:

One year ago this night I was looking for someone to share the evening with me. The person I found (in the Mayfair parking lot) was you. And since that night we have been together. Our friendship grew, our love for one another grew; our faith in God also grew. One year, it's like a one year old baby -- and now our relationship must mature...

From a handwritten note (Don to Tony) on their 2nd anniversary:

The Red Tailed Hawk is a symbol of our love. Society or our culture tries to prevent it from maturing, and being lovers we also stand somewhat alone among the majority of gays. Yet as the cover [photo] shows the light from God- Nature- the gift of living will keep our love and [our] dreams grow every stronger.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

George Platt Lynes vintage photo at auction

George Platt Lynes (American, 1907 - 1955). "Tattoos".
For those of you who always wanted to own a Platt Lynes photo bidding starts at just $300. Auction ends June 20th, 2010.

Good luck!