Sunday, January 18, 2009


What we have here is the intersection of physique photography, peep show, innocent male bonding and a Navy instructional manual.

It clearly seems authentic... this is no photo studio, the sailors seem real too. But what the hell are they doing and why are they smiling so broadly?

Numaderm provides some answers: "If you have trouble with dry itchy skin, call in the salt brigade. When you finish your bath or shower, spend a few minutes rubbing salt into your skin. The rubbing actually helps improve circulation which is always good but the friction from the salt particles will remove dead skin..."

Apparently it's a lot more fun to have a buddy in your "salt brigade" who can do the rubbing for you. Only one problem with this theory... there's no sign of water anywhere. I guess this is a dry rub.

For those of you wanting to try it at home, Origins sells their "Let's Circulate" salt rub soap for only $13.50 (sailor buddy not included).

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