Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Great Vintage Photos of Real Gay Interest

OK, there's absolutely no doubt. These guys are flirting with each other and they're about to kiss.

It's all very innocent as they stand in the sunshine, in the middle of a dirt road, hands behind their backs, cardigans buttoned, ties knotted. But you can feel the sexual tension.

We're certainly not looking at father and son, or a couple of affectionate brothers. These two are kissing cousins at least. Finally somebody selling photos on eBay that really merit the tag "gay interest."

The next snapshot shows 4 men making a groin-powered choo-choo train all their own. The "A" on the sweater stands for Ashville NC in case you're curious. While equally suggestive, it isn't as overtly gay. Who knows, maybe they're just a bunch of guys have fun sitting on top of each other.

To my surprise the second photo sold for $272 and the two men about to kiss sold for $48.00. I would have predicted just the opposite result. Shows you what I know....


Anonymous said...

really? that's so odd. the two men about to kiss is beautiful. there is something playful, i get a feeling of love from it and not and "buddies" kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Do you have anything with women?

Kenney Mencher said...

These are wonderful images!