Monday, May 10, 2010

Male Nude: Maxalding

From Wikipedia, we learned that Maxalding is an exercise system of muscle control using a form of isometrics. Books and pamphlets teaching the system were first published in 1909 and continued until the late 1970s.

Maxick, real name Max Sick(!) was a German strongman. He was born in W├╝rttemberg on June 28, 1892 and moved to Britain in 1909, where he met Monte Saldo. The Maxalding principles are based mainly on exercises and techniques which appeared in his book 'Muscle Control', written in 1911.

Monte Saldo was the professional name of Alfred Montague Woollaston who was apprenticed to the great Eugen Sandow in 1897. He took this stage name at the turn of the 20th century while touring Europe. He was also an artist's model and in 1914 he published a book called 'How to Pose'. He provided the financial means of promoting Maxick's methods and starting the Maxalding postal course.

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And check out this video featuring Maxick, Edward Aston, Monte Saldo and Eugene Sandow (suggestion: turn down the volume).

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LOVELY2CU said...

Wow - posing sure has evolved since the early 1900's!