Sunday, November 02, 2008

Drum Magazine

Unlike the earlier physique magazines, Drum was published "by male homosexuals for the entertainment and information of other male homosexuals." It offers a boy-next-door aesthetic, (no frontal nudity) news from all over the U.S., articles, book reviews, "Ask Drum," classifieds, and more. It is actually interesting to read!

Baltimore: Commissioner of Correction Vernon L. Peppersack has said that 'some homosexual prisoners are allowed to share cells as man and wife in the Maryland Penitentiary if they don't cause trouble. Washington Post, Sept 18.'

New York City: 'We were going to call it Columbia University Mattachine, but the initials killed it,' quipped a student
. The good humor did not cloud the objective however: a group of Columbia students, with the cooperation of their Chaplain's office, are forming America's first homophile organization on a university campus.'

The "National Homosexuality Test" offers 18 questions including:

Q: Is homosexuality against criminal law?
A: No. Such laws would be clearly unconstitutional. In each state, except Illinois, certain acts are against the law however. It seems that it is o.k. to be gay as long as you don't do anything about it.

Much has changed in the past 40 years, but these magazines are still informative and entertaining. And sometimes when we think of all the obstacles in the road ahead it is good to look back and see where we've come from.

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