Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Targeting the Urban Gay has an interesting user interface that lets you choose "Gifts for Him" and then shop by "Personality."

Is he a "Guy's Guy," an "Outdoor Explorer," a "Devoted Dad," or is he perhaps an "Urban Guy?"

So what gifts does the Urban Guy want from Target this holiday season?

Let's see. There's the Bose headphones (the cheap ones are crap says my boyfriend), a 15 pc. cutlery set, an MP3 player (does anybody remember MP2?), a super tasteful comforter set (charcoal), a black and white poster of "Manhattan at Night," a black side table, and another comforter set ("bleeding stripe").

Apparently Urban Guys spend a whole lot of time listening to music while they play with knives in bed under the New York skyline. Did I mention they are really into bedding?

The only thing that's missing from this assortment is the Titanmen Vibe MasterTool #4. It gives new meaning to "Black Friday" but unfortunately it isn't available at Target.

Maybe next year they'll add it, along with "Top," "Bottom" and "Versatile" in their list of personality types.

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